ROTC Training

“And the Army Goes Rolling Along”: ROTC and COVID-19

By Reagan Zimmerman

UW Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets have had to adapt to a new form of training after COVID-19 caused the university to suspend all in-person classes on March 11. A normal day for the Cadets would involve crawling through the woods on campus and conducting Physical Training (PT) together, but now they must rely on communicating everything through a computer screen.

Pets in Quarantine

Pets take home the win with stay-at-home orders across the nation

By Reagan Zimmerman

With families stuck at home together, pets are getting more attention, cuddles and photo shoots during the COVID-19 health crisis. Animals are the true winners of quarantine.

Willow has enjoyed endless snuggles with her family since the beginning of the quarantine. | Photo by Reagan Zimmerman
Lucky has decided to cuddle in his mom’s arms whenever she has to get anything done. | Photo by Reagan Zimmerman
Hugo spends all day napping while his family works. | Photo by Reagan Zimmerman
Gastby likes to spend his nights outside on the quiet town and his days inside snoozing while his family works from home. | Photo by Reagan Zimmerman
Maru (left) and Zaku (right) follow their parents everywhere in the house during quarantine. | Photo by August Schultz
“Smile Sandy!” This cute golden has been smiling ever since her family has been stuck at home. | Photo by Aaron Patterson
Boston (left) and his sister Sandy (right) like to spend days lounging with their family while they work from home. | Photo by Aaron Patterson
Dakota and Dawson get some sunny snuggles in. | Photo by Maddy Primeau
Luna refuses to leave her owners arms while they spend some genuine time together during quarantine. | Photo by Piper James
Tia enjoys a sunny nap while her family works from home. | Photo by Hunter Carroll
Coco poses for the camera while she lounges during the day. | Photo by Hunter Carroll
Chester enjoys a walk and some playtime during a snowstorm on Easter. | Photo by Shelby Evans
Emily Higgins is really enjoying having a snuggle buddy all day, every day now that her family is home. | Photo by Michael Maddox
Rugger has taken on the role of babysitter for his little sister, Emma, while their parents work from home. | Photo by Katie Splittgaber
Ziva is such a good sport by smiling for the camera now that her family is home to constantly take photos of her. | Photo by Marissa Davis
Video games have become Banksy’s new hobby so he can spend time with his dad. | Photo by Jodi Moffett
Molly and Bailey practice social distancing by hunting squirrels from the windows. | Photo by Alex Will
Dexter loves giving his mom puppy eyes while she is working so she stops what she is doing and takes him for a walk. | Photo by Shaunda Jennings
Coco the pug found a new hobby with her mom — playing dress up! | Photo by Jackie Nelson
Isabella has decided to turn away from the TV and not listen to the news anymore. | Photo by Jackie Nelson
Yogi has been enjoying porch hangouts with his mom and dad during quarantine. | Photo by Brianna Davis
Rex has been enjoying movie nights with his family while they have been home. | Photo by Jen Wagner
Wayne has found a new enemy during quarantine — the leaf blower. | Photo by Courtney Disterhaft
Gus enjoys spending time with his family and napping with his legs straight out. | Photo by Haley Westerfield
Ginny likes to entertain her family with her favorite toy, her pheasant. | Photo by Kate Lawless
Gunnar Joe snuggles up with his owner while she is home from college. | Photo by Shelby Williams
Buddy (front) and Winston (back) are happy to be chilling lakeside with their family. | Photo by Lori Csaszar
Lilly’s family are teaching her a new skill during quarantine — how to balance a toy on her head and focus for a treat. | Photo by Andrew Gibson
Jake is using quarantine to catch up on sleep with his pal and his family. | Photo by Krista Olson
Dixie is wondering why her dad won’t let her play ball in the house all the time now that he is home. | Photo by Cale Belau
Maggie enjoys spending time with her family on the deck after a rainstorm. | Photo by Heidi Buchholtz Pavlu
Lola is enjoying having her roommates home all the time to play tug of war and take cute pictures of her.
Lola (left) and Harper (right) have discovered that running through mud and tracking it inside for their family to clean up is their new favorite pass time. They also never forget to pose for cute muddy photos every time they do it!