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About the Project

This semester during what felt like the longest spring of our lives, the University of Wisconsin, along with other universities, K12 schools and workplaces across the nation, went online. This was just one of the many drastic decisions that had to be made in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As beginning journalists, we suddenly found ourselves tasked with finding a way to add something meaningful to the COVID conversation while also being scattered across the country. 

This website, Stories from Six Feet Apart, shows the strength of community in the face of a generation-defining pandemic, both through the stories we have written and through our long-distance collaboration. 

Our reporters explored how people in all walks of life are living through this pandemic. They interviewed frontline workers, business owners that have had to close their doors, people grappling with the virus themselves and those whose college careers have been forever altered. 

These stories span a wide array of both topics and people because this pandemic truly has affected everyone in a unique way. So, whether you are still going to work every day, are hunkered down at home or, like so many of us, have no idea what your future holds, we invite you to take a look through our stories. You might discover an easy new way to craft a mask, a hidden love for Animal Crossing or some helpful resources to sustain you during the uncertain days ahead. 

In times of crisis, stories allow us to connect– even if it is from six feet apart.